A tailor-made and flexible service that allows you to have a chauffeur-driven vehicle and a personalized range of services at your disposal.
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Make yourself comfortable, we take care of everything. We are at your service from your arrival at the train station or airport to the destination you have chosen for your holidays!
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Discover a service where luxury and adventure finally go hand in hand. Enjoy the pleasure of having at your disposal a chauffeur-driven vehicle and no more concerns in mind, except that of choosing your activities and discoveries of the moment.
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VTC transport in Provence

Professional French Driver Limousines

PFD Limousines is a company of Transport VTC in Provence (Transport Vehicle with Private Drivers) since 2016 based in the town of Salon de Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur region.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, we offer a high-end service. In the same way we offer a tailor-made service for all your travels in Marseille and Aix en Provence.

Because professionalism and discretion are the main bases of PFD Limousines, we are sensitive to your needs. Therefore, the respect of our commitments is essential.

Even more, our requirement as well as that of our partners guarantees you an exclusive service and in peace.

Transport all comfort and easy to plan

At PFD Limousines, each of our employees is trained to anticipate your needs and offer you the vehicle that will meet your expectations.

For all types of VTC transport in Provence and the PACA region, PFD Limousines will provide you with professional drivers with fully equipped vehicles.

PFD Limousines Services

First of all, we offer a tailor-made service of Transport VTC in Provence or in the PACA region, and we are at your disposal to adapt to your desires.

Because all our prices are known in advance and remain fixed, PFD Limousines does not apply extra cost. In the same way, in case of delay or heavy traffic, you will not have any bad surprises.

We invite you to discover our vehicles services on board.